IMPRESS 3 COMFORTPACK: facts & figures

22.12.11 | From the end of April 2012 the COMFORTPACK will be included in the IMPRESS 3 package, in a matching size and colour.

We have decided to do this because we are of the opinion that the harness rather than the glider is the decisive factor in the choice of backpack – and this decision is crucial to the carrying comfort and compactness of a complete glider bag.

The new COMFORTPACK is an improved EASYPACK, adapted in volume and shape to the IMPRESS 3. It weighs around 1.1 kg. It should be noted that, for production reasons, the sizes (110L/125L) and colours (aubergine and lime) cannot be chosen individually, and the rucksack is only delivered in a colour and size that matches the harness. For associated reasons the COMFORTPACK is not available as a separate item at the moment. As soon as the IMPRESS 3 is routinely delivered with the COMFORTPACK its recommended retail price will be raised accordingly.

If you have already bought an IMPRESS 3 (without the COMFORTPACK of course) you can order its COMFORTPACK at a special price by providing your ADVANCE dealer with your harness serial number. Your local dealer is ready to take your order.

COMFORTPACK (from the end of April 2012)
It’s not the paraglider, it’s the harness that is the most important factor when choosing a glider bag – it’s the harness that affects the carrying comfort and the compactness of the whole system. That is why the new COMFORTPACK is an integral component of the IMPRESS 3, and will be delivered in a size that matches the harness. Carrying comfort is even better with this geometrically optimised packsack, designed so that its volume is filled as efficiently as possible.