The DELIGHT harness and its backpack have been proven on the field by five of the ten leading pilots during the rough X-ALPS 2011 race ! Toma Coconea, Michael Gebert, Thomas de Dorlodot...

With the DELGHT, the overall gear weight is greatly reduced. A new way to fly!

For hiking, trips abroad or flying long distance, the SUPAIR "DELIGHT" will be the perfect companion to. The harness's multiple benefits added to a light compact backpack design, make it the ideal compromise between performance, weight and passive safety!


- Cross and competition.
- 3/4 reclined seating posture.
- For regularly flying experienced pilots only.

- Special DELIGHT Bumpair 15 cm.
- Dorsal reserve parachute pocket with right sided reserve handle.
- Safe-T strap with light quick release buckles.
- Chest-strap: self-locking 25 mm buckles.
- Light aluminum 25mm buckles.
- 30 mm Self-Locking Biners.
- Self-stabilizing leg-strap system.

Gear / comfort
- Double stage speed-bar with adjustment system.
- Cocoon type Speed-Bag with wind protective layer.
- Speedbag carbon fiber foot-resting plate.
- Inboard removable cockpit.
- Harken pulleys.
- Special slider to optimized speed-bar function.
- Pre-equipped Hydro system.

- Dorsal storage pocket.
- Left side pocket.
- Hiking poles connections.

- Shoulder straps adjustments.
- Chest strap adjustment.
- Backrest adjustment with lumbar support.
- SpeedBag incline and length adjustments.

- Cordura 500D.
- Special Ripstop Dyneema® fabric.
- Polyamide 420D Diamond Ripstop.

- EN 1651.
- LTF.

Weight 3230 g | 2000 g

Made in Europe