Two products, one concept

LIGHTNESS stands for an extremely light and very comfortable reclined harness with speedbag, together with its own lightweight rucksack. Both go perfectly together and these quality products weigh just 3 kg all told, making up a compact entity. The LIGHTNESS is best suited to cross country orientated Hike & Fly pilots, travellers or bivouac flyers.

Tried and tested by the X-Alps
The unique LIGHTNESS concept carries the X-Alps spirit wholeheartedly with it and epitomises the original idea of free flight – to gain the necessary metres on foot, then make the most of their full potential in flight. The ADVANCE X-Alps team put the LIGHTNESS well-and-truly though its paces, and Chrigel Maurer won the world’s hardest paraglider race with it.

Top level comfort – in the air and on the ground
The harness does not have a seatboard, and thus can fit the body perfectly. The comfortable hammock principle succeeds in giving an even more direct feedback from wing to pilot. The many adjustments are used to fit the harness precisely to an individual’s requirements, and the whole body is therefore ideally supported. The exceptionally compact rucksack also offers the highest degree of carrying comfort.

Uncompromisingly light and sophisticated
Thanks to the workmanship shown on the highest quality lightweight materials, and a convincingly simple concept the harness with speedbag, front container, instrument panel and comfort foam weighs only 2.3 kg; the rucksack around 700g. The LIGHTNESS system can therefore compensate for the weight of a normal paraglider. This means that, without resorting to a light wing, all your equipment can add up to only just over 10 kg - helmet and light reserve included.

Handle with Care
The ADVANCE LIGHTNESS components have been developed with an uncompromising eye on low weight, and are intended for specialist owners. This puts decidedly high demands on their use and care. A comprehensive understanding of the product and its qualities is essential. Due the choice of materials and their construction the rucksack and harness are definitely more susceptible than normal ADVANCE products to wear and tear resulting from improper use.