We are proud to introduce our new lightweight V5 4 stroke paramotor. The V5 is available with a lightweight single hoop cage and chassis with 1.30m Helix carbon-composite propeller.

The aluminium chassis has our all new active arm mounting points integrated into it, allowing very precise and stable flight with superior weight-shift ability and anyone that has flown our V5 paramotor has agreed that the active system is the best hang bar arrangement they have ever flown.

The V5 is an all new engine design, with a capacity of 195cc (producing 20.5HP) and featuring our Bailey Easy Start System (BESS), meaning effortless and reliable starting (and in flight re-starting) using a high quality re-coil manual starter, with the starter handle located on the safety cage uprights. The V5 manual start paramotor is light (only 27.5Kg), powerful and fuel efficient and is our best ever selling machine.