FALCON 3 (Tandem Wing)

Announcing the Falcon 3 Tandem!

Wills Wing is happy to announce the release of the Falcon 3 Tandem. Like the other sizes of the Falcon 3, the Falcon 3 Tandem features a nose cone, an improved sail cut and cleaner sail, and a new washout tube configuration that supports both the number two and three battens via a carbon transverse batten, and allows for a reduced bridle line count (3 per side instead of 4). Unlike the Falcon 3 145, 170 and 195, the Falcon 3 Tandem does not feature a short pack airframe - the minimum pack length for shipping or transport for the Falcon 3 Tandem remains 156 inches. The pilot weight range, and the price for the Falcon 3 Tandem remain unchanged. All Falcon Tandem orders are now being produced in the Falcon 3 Tandem configuration.

The Falcon 3 Tandem has been designed and developed specifically for tandem instructional use in a training environment. It features newly developed and especially robust control bar hardware, along with a stronger, stiffer airframe. The wider control bar more comfortably accommodates the instructor and student. All full chord length cambered battens are of durable 7075-T6. All battens inboard of the tip battens have the new lever type rear tips. The sail features a full leading edge length mylar pocket and a heavy duty trailing edge. The airframe and sail design combine to produce a glider with exceptional load carrying capacity, that slows down extremely well and retains excellent handling qualities across a hook in weight range from 185 lbs to 500 lbs. Landings are easy, with relatively light flare pressures, even in light winds.

Professional tandem instructors who have tried the Falcon 3 Tandem agree that it offers the best all around handling qualities and the best landing characteristics of any tandem glider available. The control feel and response remains consistent across the very broad weight range, providing students with the opportunity to gain real flight experience and build skills that will transfer over to their solo flights.

Under development for the Falcon 3 Tandem is a heavy-duty castering wheel set with tail wheel for aero-tow launching and landing.

USHPA Rating for Tandem Flight - USHPA Tandem Rating
USHPA Rating for Solo Flight - USHPA Novice Rating