The Drifter is a highly aerodynamic harness designed to improve and optimize the overall performance of the wing. Aerodynamics and extreme pilot comfort perfectly balanced.

Pure aerodynamics
The Drifter is pure aerodynamics at its best. With the pilot fully enclosed within the self-floating fuselage it gracefully and effortlessly cuts through the air.

Increased performance
The RIS provides maximum aerodynamics at all times, substantially increasing the overall performance of the wing, achieving better glide and sink rates.

Maximum comfort
To achieve the best competition performance and during the longest flights the pilot must be able to focus purely on the flight without uncomfortable distractions. The Drifter sets a new reference in extreme pilot comfort.

Innovation and performance
Of innovative design and built to meet the highest standards and expectations of the most demanding competition and cross country pilots, the Drifter is a fully integrated harness producing a very low drag substantially increasing the performance of the wing.

The Drifter is not just another high performance harness. It combines a new level of aerodynamics and comfort with everything designed to the millimetre. The Drifter ensures the perfect homogenisation between the pilot, the wing and the harness.
The Rear Inflatable Stabilizer (RIS) ensures the departure of airflow is as far away as possible from the body of the harness, thus reducing unwanted and counterproductive turbulence improving the performance of the wing. The RIS is inflated by two lateral air intake ducts, positioned in an area which is permanently fuelled, avoiding unwanted deflation by any loss of air feed. Even whilst the pilot is entering the “cockpit” (pilot´s cabin) the RIS remains in continuous operation, maintaining the aerodynamic profile without deformation.

The RIS and the front cocoon form the exterior aerodynamic fuselage. This combines with the ingenious internal self-floating system to mould itself perfectly to the pilot allowing the immediate sense of connection and complete control of the wing. Weight shifting is both natural and precise and the acquisition of the speed system is simple and quick.

Quality and Comfort
All the ergonomics of the cockpit (the seat, dorsal and the seat plate) are designed to be able to fly with maximum ease and the highest level of comfort for many hours in even the most testing of conditions. This system provides an optimal angle for the legs, not only for comfort but also to achieve the best possible aerodynamic performance.

Every adjustment on the DRIFTER has been carefully considered and designed to be intuitive, logical and easily accessible in flight. It has minimal stress points thus optimizing the position and comfort of the pilot. The Drifter is conceived as a “whole” a complete and compact harness ensuring the pilot is almost totally enclosed within the cockpit so hugely reducing any parasitic resistance caused by the pilot and improving performance. Only the arms of the pilot to be able to operate the control handles protrude from the Drifter.

The new and innovative integrated rescue deployment system has a closure system using “easy operation” zippers under the seat. The new design of the speed bar (with Ronstan pulleys) does not interfere in the angle of attack of the harness and has also a special setting to be able to use it more comfortably with only one foot.

The DRIFTER, encompasses the Niviuk character and philosophy of attention to small details, it is the perfect example of pure aerodynamics, a new concept for a Cross Country and Competition harness. The harness every pilot has been dreaming of.


EN. PH 017-2011
LTF. GZ 017-2011

Small 1.52m / 1.69m
Medium 1.70m / 1.84m
Large 1.85m / 1.98m

Black with green detailing

Maximum pilot weight

Back protection
14cm foam

(harness including protection) 8.9kg

DN 450, DN 320,DN 210, DN 180 Cordura, 2mm Neoprene,
161 Dacron, PVC, Risptop 600, 25mm nylon webbing, YKK Zips, automatic locks , AustriAlpin buckles, 2mm to 12mm Foam, Ronstan pulleys, 8mm preformed wooden seat plate.
- Adjustable supine positioning.
- Automatic double locking carabiners.
- Integrated Flight-deck with multi-purpose pocket.
- Two litre Hydropack capacity.
- Ballast compartment integrated under the seat.
- Large rucksack/storage compartment with space compressors.
- Separate pockets (keys, batteries, etc)
- Cocoon is adjustable in length and angle accommodating easy entry and exit.
- Multiple adjustments for legs, lumbar, dorsal and shoulder support
- Automatic chest straps wide adjustable..
- Speed bar adjustment for right or left foot operation.
- Accelerator pulley adjustable in height and depth.
- User Manual (Reading is recommended)