We often get the demand for a piloting handle, that replies to the needs of the pilots. A great number of pilots wants to increase their output and piloting comfort.

Pilots have always changed their original handles to their needs for a more ergonomic configuration. The use of special adapted handles is a reality in acrobatic piloting.

This technique is spreading in cross flight. This old problem has been studied by NIVIUK gliders team, to give an answer to the needs of the acro and cross country pilots’ demand. They have the same problem but different needs.

The handle we propose is the Cross Country version. Ergonomic-Cross Country-Confort : ERGO XC

The ergonomic design was based upon the anatomy, the biomechanics and the physiology during the flight.

Designed to adapt to your needs and efforts, totally ergonomic and manufactured in comfortable and durable materials, the ERGO XC handle permits to pass and receive necessary information for flying in a more direct and precise way, while giving the hand the support and help, needed to work correctly.

Graphique effort en fonction du débattement sur HOOK M
In flight a pilot may use up to 50% brake; which equals an average pressure of about 3 kg. This effort is often difficult to maintain, because it has to be held in a not adapted manner. This means supplementary fatigue and could diminish the sensibility to react correctly.
With the use of the ERGO XC handle, we offer a support to your hand, while diminishing and optimising the effort. During the whole flight we can offer sensibility and comfort, making piloting more easy and making a flight pleasant, the way it should be.

-In Option on all NIVIUK wings
-In pack for all other wings:
2 ERGO XC handles
2 Bottoms
2 plastic cover